My name is Albert Wang (not really). I live in Miami (not really), and I enjoy going to school (not really). I live in a 50,000 sqft mansion (not really) next to the beach (not really).

Now that I’ve lied to you, I’ll tell you the truth. I live a few miles north of Seattle, and I hate school; however, I enjoy writing about nothing. I like living in a small house, and I don’t really like the beach. I like where I live; there’s a lot of cool people who live here. Drugs/Alcohol aren’t a major problem in the neighborhood, although I live a 10 second’s walk away from a stoner’s house.

I chose my url to reflect my pseudonym, “Albert Wang.”  I had looked up to Albert Einstein as a child; I had even done two biography projects on him. And I’m Chinese, so… Wang is the most common last name. That’s how I came up with Albert Wang. Now I take the reason for the name and I get Einstein Chinese. I just flipped them and got Chinese Einstein. I try not to be too arrogant all the time. Haha.

If I don’t know you, I look forward to meeting you. If I do know you…what are you waiting for? Read!


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