In the Future, there will be Robots

Claude Maginot would be real proud of me right now.

In the future, there will be robots. I don’t think anybody can deny this, since there’s evidence of this truth surfacing every day. With every release, your phone or computer gets closer to being a robot. You can talk to your phone and it’ll do stuff for you. It’ll even talk back. Pretty soon you’ll be able to talk to the computer in your house to open the blinds or turn on the shower.

I’m concerned that we has humans won’t be able to tell when to draw the line. I might just be scared from watching a lot of robot-apocalypse movies (I’ve seen like three), but I just can’t help it. When you hear about things like machine learning and Cleverbot, you begin to wonder how far intelligent robotics can be taken. Cleverbot was basically written by a guy in his basement. What can a multi-million dollar enterprise company like Google or Amazon do? Google has already made self-driving cars, and they’re incredibly good at what they do. With these advancements, it’s hard to imagine a future where self-driving cars is not everywhere. But when all the self-driving cars are on a grid, that makes it incredibly easy for someone to hack into the grid and control all the cars, doesn’t it?

Here. Consider this scenario. A company makes an intelligent anti-virus software that automatically alters itself when it comes into contact with a new type of virus. It quarantines the virus, identifies its properties and makes the computer immune to the same properties henceforce. Then it sends a message with a change to every iteration of itself on other machines across the internet instantaneously. Boom. Virus database has been updated.

Then a malicious user from the depths of Africa decides to use a similar algorithm, only in reverse. His virus scans the anti-virus software for security holes and alters itself to fit right into that hole. It’s the perfect virus. It can bore its way into any anti-virus software.

Until it meets the intelligent anti-virus software. Now we’re faced with the dilemma of having an unstoppable virus faced with an unbreachable anti-virus software. An unstoppable force meeting an immovable object, if you will. There’s one way this scenario can end: every computer that has the anti-virus software installed and has the virus will be the front lines for the greatest cybersecurity war ever and be destroyed in the process. Eventually one side would win, and both sides will suffer casualties.

Imagine if this happened not on computers but on robots. Our home robots that we will inevitably have, giving us a helping hand around the house. There will be permanent damage to everything we know. Maybe even explosions.

Whatever happens in the future, I’m not exactly looking forward to it.


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