Here’s another thought dump for you.

I wish everybody knew the importance of punctuation. Too often to I see sentences gone unfinished–dangling like the end of a train over the edge of a massive cliff. Where is it going to go? Is it going to go up? Is it going to fall? Or is it going to be reinforced and held upright as it needs to be?

Just kidding. This post is about punctuality.

I understand that this view may (does) vary across cultures, but since we’re living in America, I’ll just say this: being on time makes a huge difference on how people see you. In fact, I’ll even say that being consistently tardy to something elicitis apathy. Not only will you look like you don’t care about being there, other people will also begin to wonder why they show up on time, too. Then imagine the thoughts of the person who put on the event. “Why aren’t people showing up on time? How come people don’t care about this? I put forth so much effort to make it happen and now I’m just waiting for them to show up. Why won’t people come on time? What did I do wrong?”

Of course, this doesn’t apply to absolutely everything. What if you started showing up late to work? People would begin to question your intentions. What if you had planned a date with somebody and was late to that? I don’t suppose that would look very good. Late to weddings. Funerals. Class. Family dinner. They’d wonder what’s so much more important than family that you just had to be twenty minutes late.

‘course, I can’t say that I’m always punctual wherever I go, but I still try my best to get to my destination on time, if not early (even if it means speeding like a maniac). I could manage my time better, and I should. This post is a little reminder to myself that everybody else’s time should be as valuable to me as my own. Whether or not they feel the same way is not up to me. If other people are late, give them the benefit of the doubt. But since I know exactly what it was that made me tardy, I have the power to try and stop it in the future.

so HA.


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