Circular Lines

There’s a hotly-debated question that goes something along the lines of, “is life circular or linear?” Discussion of this question will always lead back to the arguer’s outlook on life which may or may not been influenced by their religious background and/our upbringing (I’m speaking specifically about the Hindi concept of reincarnation). There’s no definite answer to this question, because most of the time, when a person reaches the end of their life, they’re not around to be able to answer any questions about it.

Everything in life is cyclical. There’s the process where water in the ocean evaporates, turns into clouds, dumps on the mountains and then flows back to the ocean. There’s even the life cycle, where a child is born, grows up and has a child, which then grows up. Et cetera.

The human body goes through a daily process of doing the same thing; you eat three square meals a day, drink plenty of water, and the process will continue. Some people have a monthly cycle.

We humans make schedules so that we repeat the same things every week, sometimes every day, and because our bodies are on this cycle, we have simply found it more convenient to plan our time out likewise. We’ve even built our societies around this notion. We’ve created places where we can go every day to repeat the same mundane tasks. It’s called “work.”

But a life itself isn’t cyclical. In fact, a life is very much linear–there’s a definite start and there will be a definite end. No part of growing up will repeat itself. You simply grow old and die. However, the cyclical nature of life is what drives us to continue to the end of our lives with much more growth than we would have. The set schedules of eating, working and learning helps us to refine a process where the end goal is to be the best person you can be.

I suppose the same thing could be said about history–history won’t repeat itself because of its accelerated speed. A speed which is continually pushed by technology and the people who are on the daily grind, striving to make the world a better place.

I wonder if it’s possible for life to move so fast that it collapses on itself.

That would be a sight.


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