omg dat wuz liek super kool!!!!!!!

Remember the days when it wuz kool 2 type like dis?

Everybody was on Xanga, throwing up what I call “thought dumps.” At age 13. Even though I took part of the latter, I never took part in the former. And I take great pride in that. Still, I think there’s some commentary to be had about this sort of thing.

What do the cool 13-year-old kids use nowadays? It seems like Myspace has fallen off even harder than Xanga has (I still know people who use Xanga consistently), and the kids are now flocking to Facebook or Youtube. However, there’s one major difference: kids are now using correct grammar and punctuation. Shocking, right?

It’s interesting that purposeful bad grammar even became a fad in the first place. To my knowledge, the use of purposeful bad grammar and one-letter words came to being in the telegraph days when users were charged by the character. I mean, now it makes sense why we even have these shortened words, but what caused them to be revived? The world may never know. And now that the fad is disappearing, the world may never know it existed.

But they will. Everything on the internet is eternal (as long as server computers and databases continue to run, but that’s another entry). Go back to where you wrote what you wrote five years ago, and just stare at it. If it’s still there and you don’t do anything about it, chances are it’ll continue to be there for the next several years–or maybe even the next decade or century. It’s an unsettling thought, isn’t it? You may think Facebook posts and comments wash away after a few days, but the truth is, there are hundreds of thousands of servers out there saving every word of every single post and comment you make. And since they’re now hidden from easy access, there’s nothing you can do to retrieve it.

Let this be a lesson, guys. Even though it certainly didn’t start as one, nor did I intend for it to be one. The internet isn’t like real life: words don’t just disappear into thin air. They’re forever ingrained in plaques made of ones and zeroes, and people will always use them to judge you.


2 thoughts on “omg dat wuz liek super kool!!!!!!!

  1. Haha I think only for a very very short time period that I have actually typed like your example. Although, it was only replacing “you” with “u” or “to/too/two” with “2.” Other than that, I have never really joined that trend.
    However, I have to slightly disagree on how this has disappeared. I see people on FB almost everyday who purposefully use this shortened type of typing. Although, it is pretty likely that they just don’t know any better when they type something like “your/ur dumb!” I guess it is like a mix of the shortened typing and correct typing. I myself cannot stand typing with those shortened words besides very few exceptions – like cuz or…… something like that.
    Oh yea, and I am usually a grammar nazi I guess haha. Although sometimes I may accidentally hypocritisize myself

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