Today I am going to bring some hard, crushing reality, and it’s about that thing on the center of your face.

yer nose.

The hairs in your nose are to keep things from entering too deep into your nostrils. They also serve as feelers, so when something enters too deep, you can remove them (but how you remove them is your choice).

There is a reason we have two nostrils: some smells take longer for our smell receptacles to register, and therefore need more time within the nose. If you notice, one of your nostrils always feels slightly more clogged than the other, even if you feel like your nose is completely clear.

Speaking of smelling, smells come from the particles of objects that fly around in the air, entering your nose and getting caught on the smell receptacles before the air finally enters the lungs. For example, when you smell coffee, you’re actually smelling coffee particles flying around in the air. This also means that when somebody makes a smelly fart, the particles of his or her poop hangs in your face and flies around in your lungs. HOW DOES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL?


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