Don’t take them for granted, guys.

Stop for a second and think about where you live. Where you’re sitting as you read this. I can guarantee you it’s not out in a forest somewhere. Or maybe you’re on your phone while you’re hiking and I’m that special.

Either way, consider the size of where you’re sitting and what used to be there. Trees, grass, dirt… insects, small furry animals. Sad, right?

Now think about the roads surrounding you, circling all around the city. In terms of square mileage, I think it’s pretty safe to say that roads take up even more space than buildings do. At least buildings can go up.

But holy cow, dude. Roads take up so much space. Imagine a road going through a forest. Now imagine all the trees that were cleared to make that road, and all the machinery required to make that road.

They say every tree is an ecosystem. How many ecosystems were destroyed just so we could drive our cars absentmindedly to where we are going?

I’m not saying you should stop driving. But at least the next time you go out, think of all the squirrel corpses and broken birds’ eggs you’re driving over.


2 thoughts on “Roads

  1. Maaaan I think of this seriously all the time! (Well not ALL the time, but I feel this very often!) I always think about ways that we could have been, or can be, more efficient about all these roads. I also think about all those roads that are hardly occupied that basically destroyed many habitats for wildlife and such. Also, I think it’s being planned to make a highway of some sort in the Serengeti! Just a giant highway in the middle of the place. Not only would it have to kill all the plants and homes of creatures in its way, it would likely cause a ton of road kill over time as well… But more importantly, if would interfere with the annual wildebeest migrations would could basically cause havoc for the animals. It’s one of the places where humans have hardly touched – but it could be taken over by roads which is what we have done to so many places around the world now.

  2. Man, fuck the forest. You know what I think about every time I see roads? The blood, sweat and tears of the people who built them, the people whose day to day lives depend on being to travel on them, like you and me. I think about how they support the rest of society’s infrastructure and allow us to survive as a connected, interdependent society. I think about how we’ve carved out our existence in this world with fire, concrete and steel, with machinery that allowed us to subjugate the natural world and build for ourselves a new world that we can thrive in. Tonight I’m sleeping on a pillow made of down and a bed frame made from hewed tree, you fucking hippie. And when I go to bed, I’ll think about how it was possible because of the ROADS that allowed people to build my things and get it from point A to point B.

    Yeah we got totally different eyes you and me

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