Hm. I seem to always been in the mood to blog when I’m incredibly tired. Anyway.

The below poll was meant for people to take a look at their lives and to see what path they might be taking–in extremes, of course. The former choice beat the latter by just a little, but who expected the latter choice to gain the majority of votes? Certainly not I.

This poll’s results is pretty characteristic of the rest of America’s mentality on life. This seems to be more true among the population of people who make more money than the rest of us. Honestly, I can’t say I know why they prefer to act in this way, but I’m sure there’s a way to explain this narcissistic, ignorant behavior.

It bothers me, really–we wouldn’t

…I was just interrupted by a phone call telling me that my aunt just drove her car into a ditch. Please allow me to attempt to recollect my thoughts.

It bothers me, really–we wouldn’t even be where we are without these friendless people. A good example of this kind of person is Nikola Tesla. Now, I’m not saying that everybody who voted for the second choice is Nikola Tesla. Still, he was so crazy that it was hard for him to hold any sort of relationship, yet he was brilliant enough to give us the alternating current, among other things. But he wasn’t overweight.

Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with being overweight–as long as you aren’t obese. Much of this country is obese. A lot of people said the choices suck; others said the choice was obvious. What about this, then: would you rather be overweight, choosing to be ignorant and having no friends, or fit, with many friends, educated and ready to give back? I feel like this is honestly the real choice we have to make here. All four choices (the two I just mentioned and the two from the poll) are very realistic and very present in America. It’s just a choice of which you want to be.

Now, I did notice a little dishonesty in the poll results… they seem to have been skewed by some comments I left on my Facebook post that linked here. Noted. From now on, I’ll refrain from commenting.

There was a bunch more but I forgot. Except for this:

The easiest way to be fit, have a lot of friends and know everything about them and nothing else?

Live in the African bush.


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