I’m sitting here watching the presidential debate, wishing that more youth got involved.

A common phrase that was said in my Gov class was, “old people vote; young people don’t.” But that’s just the problem. America’s youth (I’d say from the ages between 18 and 35) currently outnumber the elderly (sorry, age 35+ people). If you ask most of the youth in America why they don’t vote, they all say, “I just feel like my vote doesn’t matter.”

Well, this is bollocks. Like I said before, the young outnumber the old. If we as a collective youth get together and actually care about the way our country is run, we wouldn’t have to sit there and take the actions of politicians like we can’t do anything about it. That’s the beauty of democracy, ladies and gentlemen. While your own personal vote may not seem all that impactful, you could at least discuss with people of your own age and background to vote for the things that you care about most.

There was a riot a few years ago in France when the government did something that people didn’t like. You know who made up a majority of the riot?

College students. Yeah. People like you and me can be that passionate about politics.

So why aren’t you voting this election? Don’t tell me you feel like your vote doesn’t mean very much. Don’t tell me you don’t care. It does, and you should.

Get on the ball.


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