Professor Hatziandreas

“It’s good to be alive. We all get so caught up in what we’re we’re doing that we forget that we have breath. That we’re human beings. What does that mean to us? That we have two hands, two eyes; that we look a certain way? It’s kind of good, though, that we don’t always realize it. Otherwise we’d all be high all the time. ‘High’ in the sense that we’d always be like, ‘whoaaa, it’s all so coooool!'”

I like this guy. Thinks intellectually. Explains well. I’m excited to learn.


One thought on “Professor Hatziandreas

  1. Hmm, I can kind of relate to this in a way!
    I always stress out about planning school years in advance and worrying that I can’t finish something that might cause a disaster later on… But my sister-in-law sometimes reminds me to just enjoy life and don’t lose sleep over things like this. I really do forget that it’s good to be alive, that I should appreciate it.

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