Cosmetic surgery

has got to be the biggest “F U” you can give to your ancestors. I mean, the biggest insult you can give to someone you’re related to is to say that you don’t want to look like him.

Really. what better way is there to deny your genetics? I still can’t believe we’re coming to the age where we can genetically alter our children before they’re born….just because WE want them to be a certain way. Doesn’t that deny them of choice? But no, you’re altering them before there IS a choice. So you’re just killing the one that was supposed to be born and choosing a different one.

Oh well. I’ve blogged about that topic before. This cosmetic surgery stuff, though…. it seems like make-up x 100. Like you’re obscenely desperate to get rid of this history written on your face and body. All for what? So you can feel better about yourself.



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