America’s greatest modern invention was

Definitely Facebook. By a long shot. No questions asked.

By “modern invention,” I mean within the last thirty years.

The internet was “invented” around the 90s, but was the creation of a Swiss engineer (even though someone in America claims to have invented it). Some may say the iPhone or the iPod, but it’s verily not.

Facebook is the one thing that has nearly everybody in the world connected. I’m currently connected with people in my vicinity for sure, but I also have connections now with people in New York, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, Korea, China, Rome, Brussells, France… the list goes on. It singlehandedly brought together a generation of people to spread news or share about their mundane lives. And it’s brilliant. Nothing else has brought people of the world together so well since World War II.

Why not the iPhone? 

The iPhone is a marvel in its own rite, sure, but it doesn’t bring people together the way Facebook does. It’s restricted to the country in which you’re currently residing, and that’s just how mobile phone carriers want it. Also, this Samsung / Apple debate is just bollocks. But that’s a post for another time.

Why not the computer?

Well, the computer isn’t exactly a “modern invention.” The first computers were seen around World War II, used for deciphering code that was intercepted by Americans. The mainframes (or towers, as we now call them) were about the size of rooms and used up way more electricity than was safe.

The first personal computer was released in 1965. Read more about it here.

Why not C++?

For those of you who don’t know, C++ is just about the most dominant programming language today–without it, we wouldn’t have iPhones or computers or most of the video games that people play today. It influenced Java, which can be used on computers and on old, dumb phones that could hardly run anything else. But you probably haven’t heard of it. And that’s why it’s not #1.

C++ was the creation of one genius named Bjarne Stroustrup who worked at AT&T Bell Labs. It came out in 1979 (which is recent enough to be considered a “modern invention”) and is still being used today. I’ve heard that Stroustrup died shortly after Jobs did, but I’m seeing now that it’s not true. Even if he had passed, nobody would know.

Why not the XBox 360?

Don’t make me hit you.


4 thoughts on “America’s greatest modern invention was

  1. A great invention indeed. However, not a tool to be used by its users, but rather for companies. Remember, you are not the consumer. You are the product.
    It brings people together indeed, but in our trite society, we’ve decided that inane little details that belong on twitter should flutter over. Inappropriate pictures and rude behavior. Facebook brings the new culture that cultivated on the internet much closer. We’re the first to experience this new movement that flows among the first-world-countries. Unfortunately, all we have to show are rather banal shows, that attempt to garner attention. We’re apathetic and detached. The internet has connected us in a new way, but with the protection and detachment of personal encounters, we feel liberated to be free from our actions.
    Users’ and Facebooks’ goals are not the same. Users intend to use it as a form of communication. Facebook intends to use users as a form of information banks, which then can be cashed. The sheer information that Facebook collects from a single regular user is amazing. Where they live. Where they went to school. Where they visit. Who they’ve been with. Who they are “friends” with. The list can go on.
    And this information is released for companies to “hone” their advertisements towards the users. Eventually, I fear Big Brother shall come in the force of pure ignorant bliss. We won’t be denied information. Oh no. We will be denied privacy. There is only so much that a user can control on Facebook. The all seeing eye has been extended beyond the government but to anyone with money.

    In my opinion, the greatest American invention is the internet sub-culture.
    Yes, it does go farther back than 30-years-ago, but it really has become more apparent and powerful in the recent decades.
    Of course, it doesn’t really count as being “American” despite a large numbers users being American. The internet has become its own land, our Narnia, filled with its own lions, tigers, and bears. [[Shh… I can make an Oz reference if I feel like it.]]
    Really, it’s amazing how we can turn anything into a complete farce while at the same time, able to garner attention towards a single movement, giving it a better foundation and strength. The first-world is turning towards the internet, this no-mans-land that oscillates between 0’s and 1’s. Businesses, entertainment, what else could be found here? Creativity free and thrives! And yet is stifled with repetition, trolls, and memes. It is a contradictory force that can be either very beneficial or just another circle-jerk, where users really are just making themselves and others feel better about an actual issue.

    I’m tired. I won’t put my real name, ’cause you won’t put yours up. But dude, can you tell who I am? I don’t think I commented or liked your status about this blog on Facebook yet.
    Dark chocolate is delicious. So very delicious. In one sitting, I finished a drawing of a couple for a contest. I hope I win for virtual pixels. Virtual pixels are awesome. lulz.
    I thank dark chocolate for that. Also my rather alert state. Is there more caffeine in dark chocolate? Makes sense seeing as cocoa butter is the main ingredient, and aside from the milk and sugar which obviously doesn’t have any, the more cocoa butter there is, the higher concentration of caffeine. I bought a 99% cocoa dark chocolate. I never knew this stuff existed. I’m gonna go eat it later.. Still working on my Hersey’s Dark Chocolate bar. I can’t eat more than a few chunks at a time because of how rich the chocolate is.

    tl;dr- Facebook rant. Internet sub-culture. Dark chocolate.
    I’m tired. It’s 3:30 AM. I want to sleep, but I can’t.
    Ugh. I hope my grammar makes sense… My hands are shaking at this point, and my leg won’t stop bouncing. I’m shaking a lot.. I think I might be cold.

  2. Haha. My post is bigger than yours.
    Therefore my e-penis is bigger.
    And yes, I just said that.

    P.S. Oh, my email is a fakey fake because well.. then people can find me on Facebook. :/
    Stupid Facebook.
    I’m rather paranoid, just to give you general background on me.
    Paranoid and really twitch right now.

  3. Oh.. Man, sorry. I don’t mean to like spam your blog.
    But I don’t want to comment on your previous post about gay marriage.
    I don’t want things to get ugly. >:

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