As I grow older, I’m becoming more and more aware of how good a role model Yongbai is. He’s ballin’ but he doesn’t buy into all that materialism stuff. He may have a nice car, but he as a small apartment and an old phone–he doesn’t buy what he doesn’t need to use.

I want to be like that. Actually, I kind of am. I really really want to switch back to a dumb phone so I can just make phone calls and text people. Apps, Facebook, games or whatever are all unnecessary.

There have recently been trends of Kakaotalk or whatever, and people have tried to pull me in, but I said, “NO.” I do not fall into peer pressure, even if it is for seemingly-harmless things. It’s all part of that materialism.

There’s also something about people who have their face glued to their devices that really bothers me. There’s so much world to see outside. Why not look there instead of that tiny shiny thing in your lap? I won’t lie–I’m extremely glad I don’t have this problem. I like to be able to appreciate what’s around me, without having to be connected to a system all the time. But maybe that’s just me.



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