It’s been quite a while since I posted here. I regret not stopping by more often, really. There’s just been no reason to think anymore. Summer is fun but it’s not stimulating in any way. It’s the end of July and I’m bored of having fun. I want to start reading again. I even thought about picking up Walden. What’s wrong with me. I would never want to actually pick that up again.

Anyway, I’m off to Mexico again in about a week! Oh, wow. Time really creeps up on you. I’m looking forward to the trip and also not because once it’s over, it means the end of summer is arriving soon. bleck. School is all right but it’s too tiring. I like to learn but I don’t like to learn about stuff that’s taught in school. Too in-depth. I like to learn a little about everything, not everything about a little.

I’m taking Psychology for some reason next quarter. It’s interesting, but… again, I’d like to learn a little about it instead of everything there is to know. Maybe I’ll change my schedule.

I really want some waffles.


One thought on “bedpan

  1. Waffles!!! (me too! with strawberries and whipped cream T^T )

    and psychology sounds like fun (and lots of fun reading! don’t change~)

    and I’ve only read excerpts from Walden, but stuff about transcendentalism can be fun to read sometimes (lol.. I actually enjoyed that section in English when I was in high school)

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