What a strangely relaxing weekend.

Spent some time away from everyday life and spent some quality time with people I usually don’t talk to. I’d like to spend more time with them, but considering the circumstances under which we met this weekend, it’s not going to happen again very soon.

Met some new people, saw some old friends.  But above all, I seem to have nurtured relationships with people I didn’t like before. Funny how these “relationship” things work. One minute they’re all dandy and the next minute they’re beaten into the ground. Or vice versa.

Either way, I’m kind of surprised to see how this weekend turned out. It was very informative in more ways than one.

Summary of my weekend:

  • held the door for a girl this morning, who then pulled out a joint and started smoking it while walking alongside us
  • got tips on how to jog and sprint
  • got tips on how to cook chicken (gonna use this when I grow up!!!1!!1!)
  • proved my video game knowledge
  • made jokes that nobody understood
  • Finally got to see the living conditions of a friend. She receives all the pity.
  • had a conversation in the bathroom with the guy next to me
  • not just a conversation, but a MANversation
  • met many friends-of-friends and overall had a pretty good time.

I don’t regret taking this weekend off. I just can’t wait until the next one.



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