Lawrence Lessig

Patents and copyright laws are evil. Pure and simple.

I don’t know why large corporations feel the need to put patents on their medical breakthroughs. All of the corporations’ breakthroughs, put together, could have the cure for AIDS. Cancer. Anything.

We could have flying cars by now. Or whatever. Human greed, again, stunting the growth of human development and progress. Forget the Crusades. Technology wasn’t even advancing that quickly. What about now, when we have the ability to share any idea? There are so many people in the world. How do we get by without collaboration? We can’t.

And as much as I hate sampling, it’s obviously an outlet for creativity. If corporations keep this up, what’s going to happen? We can’t publish anything anymore.

The price of rights to use songs in your work is absurdly high, and I don’t think nameless corporations should be so greedy. It’s pretty upsetting.


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