Bros before [women]

I don’t think many people, male or female, understand how immense it is when guys break the bro-code. When friends become bros, there’s an unspoken understanding that they will go lengths for each other, making sure that they can make each others’ lives as smooth as possible.

When a guy decides to give up a weekly activity for a girl, not only is he breaking the bro-code by letting go of a commitment, he’s pushing himself away from his bros.

And while having a girlfriend is cool for a bro and all that, there’s a chance that the girl won’t work out in the end. By then, the damage on the bros has been done.

Bros are a support group. A spouse is not. Even when you’re married, you’re expected to respect the bro code. Only by unforeseen, unfortunate circumstances are you allowed to leave. But even then, the rest of the bros need to pitch in to do everything they can to make a bro’s life right.


3 thoughts on “Bros before [women]

  1. Sometimes your spouse/significant other is your bro. The best relationships happen when the person you’re in a relationship with is your best friend. Your wife/husband is your partner in life. You have to put respecting him/her above respecting your “bros”.

    • It’s official, the previous commenter has an unsuccessful relationship. Enjoy your break up and lack of support group!

      • Ha ha. That’s an interesting assertion. But I’m currently in a two year long term serious relationship. My SO is one of my best friend and I still have flourishing relationships with my close friends. I have a friend support group and I have my SO as support as well. Significant Others are not just for sex, they’re for a deep supportive, loving relationship.

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