Disclaimer: this is not a happy post.

Atheism is the easy way out.

I can’t think of an easier way to avoid the true challenges of life. Non-Christians say that they don’t want to become Christians because of Christians. But I think Christians say that they don’t want to be Christians because it’s so hard.

It’s really unfortunate that it’s so hard to be a good Christian. It takes years of training and discipline to get to be good at this sort of thing. Don’t believe me?

There’s a reason there was only one person who could go through life without sin.

His name is Jesus. And he understands.

If there’s anything I learned this week, it’s that Christianity can’t be understood unless you open your mind. People tend to think it’s the other way around. Once you listen to everything that the Bible has to say or to offer, you just can’t deny its truth. Looking back on my non-Christian days, I just can’t believe how prideful and stupid I was.

What’s the point in fighting the truth when it’s right there?


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