Homo what-ism?

I just came up with another theory of life.

What if God exists and works concurrently with science and multiverses?

What if I am here, in my life, living out my purpose in my own multiverse, while the other people in my life are alternate personalities of people who live completely different lives from their own point of view in other multiverses?

Hypothetically, my life to me is what is happening right now to everyone. The people around me aren’t actually reacting in a way they know–they’re reacting in a way that was caused by my actions. But in another universe, I can be in someone else’s reality doing something that I don’t know about, living a completely different life. What if we’re all puppets in other peoples’ realities?

It’s completely absurd, I know. But waking up early to go eat Beth’s will cause you to do things like this late at night.


3 thoughts on “Homo what-ism?

  1. interesting theory, thought provoking to say the least. then again its like 1 30 in the morning and im not quite sure weather to eat a turkey sandwich or fall asleep on the couch right now so my input could be null and void. Good stuff tho!

  2. I’ve thought about this many times before, too! I always wondered if someone also had this idea go through their minds too haha.

  3. I’ve definitely thought about that possibility too 🙂 I pretty much took a mini crash course on quantum physics in high school and yeah.. that made me a bit more open to possibilities.

    Btw.. yeah.. you definitely woke up early XD

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