thoughts on mw3

it’s been a few months since mw3 came out, and i’m just now picking it up to play. I’m playing the campaign right now

oh god why am I doing this to myself

this is, hands down, probably the worst game I’ve ever played. seriously.

the game told me that aim assist is on. Well, I have dignity. so I went and turned it off only to find out that it’s still on with no way of turning it off. Since when were autoaim and aim assist different things? it’s the same bullcrap.

I’m playing this on hardened right now. there was a part where I was supposed to “fight my way to [area].” after a while, my teammates went on and told me to hurry up, and finding that they were already there, I decided to try to run there too, dying in the process. I try again (loading takes way too long) to find that the enemies are only shooting at me and they never stop spawning anyway. what the. the only way you can increase the difficulty in your game is to make a higher percentage of the enemies shoot at the player? the only way to increase the difficulty is by reducing the usefulness of the teammates? What is this bull?

all of this crap points at the fact that this game was made for common gamers–gamers who don’t play games on a usual basis. the inability to turn autoaim off makes this game crap in the competitive scene, which is usually PC anyway. this game was geared toward console gamers–gamers who play casually (admit it–the games with the highest skill cap are all on PC).

what does this say? it says that infinity ward has managed to make a bad game marketable. this isn’t a game. it’s garbage. but people buy it and eat it up because 1) it’s so easy and 2) they don’t know any better.

gtfo, infinity ward.

stop setting a low standard for games.

edit: not to mention the stupidly cliche storyline.


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