Rage Against the Machine

Went to the movies yesterday.

Saw Act of Valor. The usual, plot-driven, stolen-idea action movie, but with real marines. Pretty intense, though.

Anyway, I was thinking on the way there about how there is always some clip before the movie starts that kindly asks people to turn their phones off and to be quiet during the movie. And then I thought about in a real theater, there’s someone (usually the protagonist) that comes out and does the same (please silence all cell phones; unwrap all loud candy…). When you go to a concert, it usually goes without saying, right?

Wrong. People don’t seem to understand that you’re supposed to hold your coughing, sneezing or phone calls until intermission or between movements. But it was dead silent in the theater, with the exception of people chewing loudly on popcorn. What does that say about people?

Do we really live in a society where we give a movie more respect that a theater production? We give more respect to a machine than to a group of performers who only got there through countless hours of hard work?

This kind of thing just irks me. But with the way live performance art seems to be going, movies will be all we’ll have left.

And then we’ll forget what it truly means to respect a performance.


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