what is it?

what is the essense of life?

why do we live

is it to make grammatial and spelling erors?

is it to have the most fun we can have before we ultimately die?

If this is the reason, then why do animals and plants live?

Surely they don’t live in fun.

so then that must not be the reason.

maybe humans and animals have different reasons for living.

maybe that’s one of the things that separate us from them.

do we each have our own individual reason to live?

were we all born to do different things?


we are all born for the same reason

and as much as you don’t like to hear it

even if you have no idea what it is

it’s true.

it always was and it always will be.

aren’t all our advancements in society geared toward this goal?

to help better obtain this goal?

by making life simpler


more convenient

just so we can attain the purpose of life

and even though it’s so easy

people don’t attain it before they die

simply because they choose not to do so

it’s not that they’ve failed because it’s hard

it’s not that hard, really

if you put any effort toward it whatsoever


if you hear the purpose of life

and you reject it

you will never attain it

and you will never be satisfied in life

Go eat popcorn.


why not.

eating brings up good points about this topic

what’s the point of life?

are pleasures worthwhile?

what happens if you’re the most brilliant man in the world

and you have the power to do whatever you want?

you’ll still be dissatisfied

unless you grasp the purpose of life

and live it out to the fullest.

and that, my friends


is why we’re here.


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