I was planning on writing a post and I had a topic in mind but I totally forgot what it was the last time I came to put up a post so this time I’m coming to tell you that I was planning on writing a post and I had a topic in mind but I totally forgot what it was the last time I came to put up a post.

Talk about confusion.

I thought school would get some blogging ideas into me, but all it’s done is forced me to meet cool new people who like to play the same games that I do. Is this a bad thing? I think yes. I wanted to use college as a means to stop playing video games, not play more. But now I want to play games competitively instead of casually, and even though that’s probably never going to happen, I like to entertain the idea that it’s possible.

Oh, right. I’m in a class that studies performance art (which, strangely, only covers dance and video art). Art is supposed to be the evocation of emotion through various physical media, but if the “artist” creates “art” without this intention, is it still considered art?

I put up a status a few days ago about mainstream music being not about portraying emotion and therefore not being considered music, but the way I worded it may have been a little confusing, since a lot of people misunderstood what I was trying to say.

My question to you is: can art that’s created only to make money be considered art? Leave a comment in the comments section below or post a video response.

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One thought on “iinrorhernh,

  1. Hmm… I believe that if the “art” by the “artist” is created just for some sort of income or fame, then I would not consider it as art. I did see your post a couple days ago and I completely agreed with it. The majority of music nowadays is just for profit, which robs the emotional sense of the “art” and replaces it with a sense of laziness (sometimes) and maybe of pure profit. However, if art is displayed in paint-form (and maybe some exceptions of today’s music) and was created without the “artist”‘s intention of emotion, then I would still consider it as art because it would still mat evoke emotion to the viewer/listener. But this all really depends on the spectator of the piece of “art” because there are many varying opinions. I guess that’s why so many people today like the music that is played over and over again on the radio – they have an alien view of music appreciation (if any) that I cannot comprehend in my way of thinking things, I guess…
    (P.S. If it somehow sounds like I am trying to offend others or any other sort of negative impact, I’m not :D)

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