Sorry, guys.

Since the musical-ish, people have been saying this to me a lot:

“I love you.”

And while I know that it’s all friendly and such, I can’t say it back to you. Some of you have noticed this. Don’t worry, it’s nothing personal. It’s just that I’m careful with my words. Well, not really CAREFUL. But I choose my words wisely.

And I choose that those three words, in the order that they’re in, will remain special. And will be saved for the one who’s special to me.

So yeah. If, in the past 18 years or so, you’ve said, “I love you,” to me and I didn’t tell you that I love you back, don’t be offended. Don’t be hurt. There’s a reason I do (or in this case, don’t do) things.

Carry on.


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