Valley girls.

I’m currently sitting in my friend’s aunt’s house.
It’s 1:05 AM.
I don’t really know why I’m still up.
I’m supposed to meet Ms. L tomorrow.
Not sure how that’ll go, or what I’m supposed to do when I’m there.
But hopefully we can think of something.

I’m a little excited to meet the fam-bam.
I’m not quite sure why I said that.
But I’m excited to see this place of which I have only heard.
And never visited.
I’m sure it’s amazing.
Because this person lives in it.

Well, anyway. I’m in a city called Simi Valley.
We drove for several hours today.
A little taste of what is to come.
Not sure whether to be excited for the upcoming 20 or so hours.

The food here is pretty good.
I’m sure I’ve put in more than a few pounds.

1:28. Bed time.


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