I was playing Red Dead Redemption a few hours ago when I realized something:

Most storylines of video games, books and movies follow the same plot: revenge.

They all follow the story of one main character, usually a protagonist, who seeks revenge or wants to avenge a certain people. The antagonist is usually someone who has done something to harm or has potential to harm the protagonist and / or his people. Harry Potter. The Lord of the RingsCall of DutyHalo. All these things follow the same generic storyline.

This can probably be called the “Western Plot.”

The “Eastern Plot” is a bit different. Just watch a Korean drama and you will find one.

Of course, movies made in the West aren’t just limited to the “Western Plot,” and vice versa. There are plenty of Kung Fu movies about how the antagonist has killed the protagonist’s family or parents and left him for dead, being the one grave mistake he made.

But hey. These are just observations. Nothing to think about anything.


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