I Pledge Allegiance

College people at my church (who have been paying attention, at least) should know the theme of the sermon series. “I Pledge Allegiance.” It’s all about how our independence isn’t actually independent; but is rather in dependence of something.” Then there’s that tag: “A great thing that turns into an ultimate becomes a mess of things.”

Well, Elise and I were talking. Isn’t this pretty much what girls do with their looks? They’re always obsessed over what they look like, and when they look better, they feel a bit better, but eventually they become dissatisfied with the way they look and try to alter themselves to make themselves look even better.

I mean, come on, guys. I don’t know any girls who absolutely NEED make-up. When I said this to Elise, she said, “I do. But it’s only because they wear make-up so often, that when I see them without it, it’s like shocking.” Well, yeah. And from what I hear, girls can’t stop using make-up either.  It’s become an addiction. A make-up addiction. The best way to quit is never to start.

It just irritates me that girls can’t be happy about the way they look. I don’t know why it irritates me, but it just does.


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