Reflective Media

Sitting in Jackson’s graduation (and being bored), I randomly thought of things that I wanted to write up.

The media is dumb. People don’t realize that even though the media portrays girls in a fake, “perfect” way, the media also portrays guys as these strong, burly guys who care about nothing but getting one-night stands. There ARE guys who care about relationships. The media just doesn’t show it. Most guys don’t realize that they should care about relationships, either. Just like the way some girls don’t realize they shouldn’t care about this imperfections.

High school is portrayed horribly, too. Throughout high school I worried about being shoved into lockers or being bullied for my lunch money. The Even Stevens musical made me expect people to break out in song in the halls. I expected teachers to be crazy. In other words, I thought it was going to be scary. Instead, I found a huge place full of, with a few exceptions, loving people who cared about how I was doing and how I was going to get about my future. On top of that, I met some of the best people I think I’ll ever meet.

For those of you who are entering high school next year, don’t worry. You’ll be fine. The only problem about high school is the drugs and alcohol. Find the right crowd to hang out with and you’ll be fine.

In any case, it shouldn’t be too bad. Enjoy it. Four years isn’t very long, but you’ll have a lot of time to think. Good luck!


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