Post-Musical wankery

There were a few things at the bottle ceremony that I didn’t get to say but really really wanted to:

1) I don’t understand how I got in in the first place. I decided to try out on a whim, taking the music the day before auditions, not looking at it and sight-singing the audition material.

2) I always thought Ms. Duck was in her late 20’s.

3)  Everybody in the musical is really cute.

4) I love my moustache, even if it did give me a rash.

5)  I regret not joining the musical earlier.

6) This is the first time I’ve ever worn jeans for an extended period of time. My legs are itchy now.

7) I secretly wished that the musical would be Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, even though I knew it would never happen.

8. I’m rather surprised that Mr. Steves didn’t give me the stink eye when he heard that I was going to be in the show.

9) Cast > Pit.

10)  I’m going to miss not seeing you all every day. 😦

11)  Kansas City, guys.

12) I’ve never danced with a girl prior to the musical. I’ve hardly touched one.

13) I’ve seen and heard more awkward things than I ever want to.

14) I still don’t think I sing very well.

15) I wish we could all live together forever.

16) I’ve always wanted to compose a large symphonic work, but now I want to write a musical.


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