Immediately following my status on March 15 (“The English language has evolved from blocks of eloquent sentences to slurries of incomprehensible gibberish. Pretty soon we’ll all be speaking French.”), I went to take a shower.

While in the shower, I realized exactly how true this is. Not just with language, but also with everything else.

Many things, in the past, were structured; this being music, art, language, math.  As civilization advanced, so did the rules. Actually, no they didn’t. They became more loose as time progressed.

We came from structure and rules. Then we learned that there are exceptions to the rules. We took advantages to the exceptions and turned them into norms.

As there were no more exceptions to use, we learned to break the rules. And boy, we broke ’em good.

Rules almost aren’t even there anymore. Do we even need them?

I say: YES. Rules are what make things satisfying. We need rules. Rules are good. Yes.

Word of the day: orange


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