Lifetime goals


write a kazoo concerto.

write a theremin concerto

write a vuvuzela concerto (Vuvuzela concerto in Bb Major)

write a piece entitled: “The Legend of Tritonia”

write an ocarina concerto

learn Alto Saxophone

learn trumpet

learn clarinet

learn french horn

learn cello

learn guitar

learn flute

learn piccolo

learn oboe

learn trombone

learn bassoon

learn tuba

learn bass clarinet

make a video of me playing every part in “Romeo and Juliet” using skills learned above

get married

have kids play an instrument or sing

change a life

write a symphony

write a book (probably going to be a children’s book)

visit Paris

visit Austrailia

visit Russia

beat Pokemon

play in and win a video game tournament

write a musical

And last but not least:

Go to college


3 thoughts on “Lifetime goals

  1. you don’t actually have to go to college to do any of those other things. Why even bother?

    You shouldn’t let something silly like higher education get in the way of your real goals like…writing a vuvuzela concerto.

  2. beat Pokemon – meaning…?
    Also, you should change the Skydiving goal to “Skydive from outside Earth’s lower atmosphere”. I plan on doing it.

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