I’m very tired. But I was thinking. Or discussing or something.

I still believe that universes are just atoms are the same, but on a different scale. Rather, I think that if we zoom out far enough, we have a noble amassment of universes that are constantly in motion.

The planets rotate in such a way that we perceive as planar. But what if atoms’ electrons don’t actually revolve in random paths around the nucleus, but in a planar fashion instead?

If we stopped time and took a look at the world from an atomic level, I doubt there wouldn’t be any vacuum between particles. There can’t be a way that particles are always being touched on all sides at once–that would leave no room for the particles to move around. There must also be vacuum between the nucleus and each layer of electrons.

Galaxies are the same. There is space between planets and their stars, as well as between each other. I think the sun might be rotating, but pretty slowly in our eyes. The planets just stay along the same axis. Since there is virtually no sense of direction in space, we don’t notice the change.

It is entirely possible that because we perceive space in this disjunct sort of way, our perception of time in this example is also changed, since space and time are (theoretically) linked. Sped up,  the planets look like they’re moving in random paths around the sun.

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time… I don’t think I’ve written it down, though. I should get less sleep more often.


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