Well, it’s been about a month since my last post, which is also about the time I started playing less video games and sitting more around and just doing nothing.

There have been a few things on my mind since the last post, but I’ve just been too lazy to post. For example:

I used to think that everybody knew what I knew and could do what I was able to do. I would immediately label the person as “stupid” if they didn’t. I was a really arrogant child. Much of this came from constant attention for being this brain child who was “really cute.” (LOL ikr)

It’s interesting to me that I used to be like this. I despise people who are now like this. I would keep the labeling mostly to myself, but if there were repeat offenses, the downlooking intensified. Sometimes I labeled adults as this.

My vocabulary and my writing skills have deteriorated exponentially over the past couple of months. I really hate school.

Speaking of which, we finally touched upon subjects in English that are worth discussing: existentialism.

I was existentialist through much of middle school. I didn’t tell anybody because I couldn’t put a label on it, and most people couldn’t tell I thought life was meaningless because I was too busy covering up my ideologies with jokes and laughter and fun time.  In fact, I still have traces of existentialist left in me. But none of that matters.

I’m growing continually irritated with people who are younger than me and their increasing output on what they think is right. They think they actually have opinions that want to be heard. HA, I say. Even I don’t have opinions that want to be heard. Nobody wants to hear your opinions unless you’re famous. Or people ask for it. Which means that nobody wants to read any of this.

How depressing.


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