I don’t know whether or not you all have heard of Rebecca Black, but… I can’t help but feel sorry for her.

Here is a video of an interview of her:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjFIzWjT5I4 (embedding disabled by request)

Okay. So she makes a song that “sucks.”

According to the video, her song has reached #39 on the iTunes market. That’s past Justin Bieber.  If Justin Bieber doesn’t “suck,” then why is her music owning Justin’s?

According to an article I read, her parents spent $5,000 to produce the video. Now they’re making much more.

The song is “the worst thing” people have ever heard. She has the “worst voice ever.”

I know a lot of people who are worse at singing. Even with autotune. But a lot of other artists make bad songs, too, so why feel the need to single one person out?

She’s thirteen. She’s still going through puberty or whatever, which means that her emotions are probably going awry. I wonder how she sleeps at night.

But whatever. Her music is the epitome of American pop music. When I went to listen to it for the first time, I couldn’t tell that this was “bad” music. Most pop music sounds like that. It sucks? Then stop listening to it and stop whining, you baby.

I think we’ve had enough of making fun of her. We know she’s bad. Move on. Justin Bieber, on the other hand, sucks, but some people don’t know that. There’s a difference.

But then again, Rebecca likes Bieber’s music, so……



Immediately following my status on March 15 (“The English language has evolved from blocks of eloquent sentences to slurries of incomprehensible gibberish. Pretty soon we’ll all be speaking French.”), I went to take a shower.

While in the shower, I realized exactly how true this is. Not just with language, but also with everything else.

Many things, in the past, were structured; this being music, art, language, math.  As civilization advanced, so did the rules. Actually, no they didn’t. They became more loose as time progressed.

We came from structure and rules. Then we learned that there are exceptions to the rules. We took advantages to the exceptions and turned them into norms.

As there were no more exceptions to use, we learned to break the rules. And boy, we broke ’em good.

Rules almost aren’t even there anymore. Do we even need them?

I say: YES. Rules are what make things satisfying. We need rules. Rules are good. Yes.

Word of the day: orange

Lifetime goals


write a kazoo concerto.

write a theremin concerto

write a vuvuzela concerto (Vuvuzela concerto in Bb Major)

write a piece entitled: “The Legend of Tritonia”

write an ocarina concerto

learn Alto Saxophone

learn trumpet

learn clarinet

learn french horn

learn cello

learn guitar

learn flute

learn piccolo

learn oboe

learn trombone

learn bassoon

learn tuba

learn bass clarinet

make a video of me playing every part in “Romeo and Juliet” using skills learned above

get married

have kids play an instrument or sing

change a life

write a symphony

write a book (probably going to be a children’s book)

visit Paris

visit Austrailia

visit Russia

beat Pokemon

play in and win a video game tournament

write a musical

And last but not least:

Go to college


This post is pretty personal. Don’t make fun of me. 😦

Here comes a topic that I’ve been trying to avoid:


oooooh. *dramatic music*

It’s a topic I’m not too familiar with, and a topic I’m kind of reluctant to post on, but there are a few things I want to share with the world.

For one, it being high school and all, I have noticed that people don’t really go out with each other for any real reason. It’s kind of been like, “oh, hey. S/he’s attractive. I’m going to go talk to him/her.” And then things get set off and they begin dating and whatnot.

This is kind of a waste of time (and money) to me.  Why date someone when you don’t look into the future and try to predict what the end if it is going to be like?

I feel like I’ve posted something like this before.

I don’t want to say outright that I’m different, but… I feel as if I’m different. I don’t look for girls based on looks.

If you’re a girl and I’ve asked you out on a date before, it’s because I can see a future between us. Not because I want to make out with you.

Well, except for that one time in 8th grade when the hormones took over.

I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with someone if I can’t get along with her.

Sometimes I’ll ask out a girl who doesn’t feel the same toward me as I do to her. And then I realize it’s high school and there’s a very low chance that people will think the same as I do.

And then I get sad at home and stare at my computer for eight hours.


I’m very tired. But I was thinking. Or discussing or something.

I still believe that universes are just atoms are the same, but on a different scale. Rather, I think that if we zoom out far enough, we have a noble amassment of universes that are constantly in motion.

The planets rotate in such a way that we perceive as planar. But what if atoms’ electrons don’t actually revolve in random paths around the nucleus, but in a planar fashion instead?

If we stopped time and took a look at the world from an atomic level, I doubt there wouldn’t be any vacuum between particles. There can’t be a way that particles are always being touched on all sides at once–that would leave no room for the particles to move around. There must also be vacuum between the nucleus and each layer of electrons.

Galaxies are the same. There is space between planets and their stars, as well as between each other. I think the sun might be rotating, but pretty slowly in our eyes. The planets just stay along the same axis. Since there is virtually no sense of direction in space, we don’t notice the change.

It is entirely possible that because we perceive space in this disjunct sort of way, our perception of time in this example is also changed, since space and time are (theoretically) linked. Sped up,  the planets look like they’re moving in random paths around the sun.

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time… I don’t think I’ve written it down, though. I should get less sleep more often.


Well, it’s been about a month since my last post, which is also about the time I started playing less video games and sitting more around and just doing nothing.

There have been a few things on my mind since the last post, but I’ve just been too lazy to post. For example:

I used to think that everybody knew what I knew and could do what I was able to do. I would immediately label the person as “stupid” if they didn’t. I was a really arrogant child. Much of this came from constant attention for being this brain child who was “really cute.” (LOL ikr)

It’s interesting to me that I used to be like this. I despise people who are now like this. I would keep the labeling mostly to myself, but if there were repeat offenses, the downlooking intensified. Sometimes I labeled adults as this.

My vocabulary and my writing skills have deteriorated exponentially over the past couple of months. I really hate school.

Speaking of which, we finally touched upon subjects in English that are worth discussing: existentialism.

I was existentialist through much of middle school. I didn’t tell anybody because I couldn’t put a label on it, and most people couldn’t tell I thought life was meaningless because I was too busy covering up my ideologies with jokes and laughter and fun time.  In fact, I still have traces of existentialist left in me. But none of that matters.

I’m growing continually irritated with people who are younger than me and their increasing output on what they think is right. They think they actually have opinions that want to be heard. HA, I say. Even I don’t have opinions that want to be heard. Nobody wants to hear your opinions unless you’re famous. Or people ask for it. Which means that nobody wants to read any of this.

How depressing.