High School.

Here’s another slew of unorganized thoughts.

Why do people care about the way they look in high school? It’s high school. Hormones are still raging. There’s no point in making yourself look better if what comes out of it is shallow and meaningless. I don’t care about the way I look and I honestly prefer when girls my age also don’t. If I come off as insecure or self-conscious, it’s never about the way I look. It’s about the way I act or feel around people I’m not used to being around with.

I understand that people may want to joke around because they’re not all grown up yet, but jokes have to come to a limit. People (including me) lack the judgement to stop joking around when they shouldn’t.

I understand that adolescence is a time of experimentation, but it’s also a time of development. If you experiment with drugs, alcohol or whatever during your development years, you kind of screwed up your brain permanently. Heh.

Speaking of development years, it’s been pretty much proven that if one cheats through high school, he will cheat through college. Uh… if you cheat through med school to become a doctor… you’re putting your future patients’ lives at risk. Yeah… you probably shouldn’t do that.

//end of slew


One thought on “High School.

  1. What are your sources to this “permanent” brain damage? I don’t think experimenting with drugs and alcohol during high school years causes permanent brain damage. Also, why the huge aversion to drugs and alcohol?

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