It’s annoying how impatient people are nowadays. They want everything asap. I send people five-minute videos and tell them that they’re worth watching through, and they go, “meh. five minutes is too long.” Seriously? It’s five minutes. that’s 1/12th of an hour. Come on.

People can’t stand classical music? I can’t stand people who can’t stand classical music. Seriously. There’s something that’s beautiful about classical art. If you can’t appreciate it, I’d say you can’t appreciate anything.

I may come off as a little harsh, but these two things have been bothering me for the longest time.

What else bothers me? Much.


3 thoughts on “rabble.

  1. I dislike when people send me youtube links, because I never sit in one place long enough to really watch it. And, you know. Focus enough. I have to doubletask.

    But there’s nothing wrong with not liking classical music.
    I like it though. I like any orchestral or symphonic music. Mostly. Kind of. Ish.

    When it’s live, anyway.

    I miss you.

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