something different

This post will be a little different (as the title says). I just came back from a church retreat, “Where are you?” and I wanted to document my thoughts about it by listing my thoughts at various times throughout the retreat. I’ll make it as easy to follow as possible.

This was mildly inspired by “Ordeal by Cheque” by Wuther Crue. It can be found here.

Whoa. Gotta tell Josh about that game I played this morning.

It’s past 9:30… why haven’t we left yet?

Finally, the buses are here.

It smells like fish.

I should have sat closer to the front. Oh well. At least I have Pokemon on my phone.

We’re here. Nothing has changed. …why did I expect it to?

I hate PB&J. But hey, this isn’t so bad.

We get riddles to find out who our team is? YES.

These riddles are lame.

Ugh. Sam is in my group? I hate that guy. Daniel? Egh. He’s all right, I guess.

Our team is not very united…. time to step up and get them riled up.

Our female leader is doing her best… where is our male leader?

I sense defeat.

They want me and her to get together?

I want to switch rooms.

Dinner’s kind of gross.

This speaker is weird. He’s got weird tattoos and stuff.

The music is great.

These guys are in my small group? sigh.

Crap, I forgot shampoo. And soap. And a towel.

Holy crud. Thanks, Josh.

I’m so glad I’m not in Timberidge anymore.

Gotta get up at seven tomorrow.


What time is it? 2:05AM? anvuajhrsnfuakrjsdfcxv.


I’m up again… no, it’s still dark out.


Still dark.






7:23. Finally. I’m hungry.

I need a shave.

Chris is finally here. …but where’s Daniel?

This food is bleh.

She’s being really friendly…after being not-so-friendly. I’m confused. I have my speculations.

Mealtime conversations are the strangest.

I’m going to sit down at the first empty seat I find. Crap, it’s next to my brother.

…oh well. I’ll sit there anyway.

Wow, we rocked those games.

Is she coming on to me? Or just being friendly? I can’t tell. People usually aren’t this friendly to me.

Our skit is turning out pretty well.

Ooh, she’s cute. Oh no, she noticed me looking at her.

What does DTR stand for?

Why aren’t they here?

I think I’m emotionally dead.

Or maybe just spiritually.

We’re really just playing Monopoly Deal instead of small group?

She considers me a friend? But we barely talk.

It’s only 11…oh well. I’m tired.


7. I’m excited for today.

I kind of see her everywhere now.

The variation on “Chopsticks” is stuck in my head.

And so is “Heart and Soul.”

And the intro to “Wedding Dress.” And some other things.

No games? darn.

I never realized how funny Sam is.

What’s wrong with her nose?

We’re going to win the skit.

Our skit was great. I think we won.

I don’t know where I am.

The speaker is in tears as he’s talking … and they’re giggling? What’s wrong with them?

I see these people crying, praying around me… but I can’t.

…is he being serious right now?

Where am I?

Why is this happening?

I don’t know what’s going on.

Small groups Monopoly Deal.

Praying for each other… I think we need this.

Let’s talk to Andy about it.

The stars are beautiful.

I want to praise more.


It’s 3:30AM. I never got to talk to Andy.


I’m tired.

I don’t have much to pack. Might as well do it now.


My voice is gone.

Must. Use. Restroom.


But I wanted a pillow pet! 😥

Hey, that team got water bottles. Let’s trade my drawbag.

They’re going to yell at me for photobombing… but I’m not. I just happen to be in the background. D:

Except for when I’m doing it on purpose.


I never realised how cute she is. Or her.

I can’t believe this is the most we’ve talked.

I actually kind of like these guys now.


One thought on “something different

  1. who is this chic 😛 haha anyways, dude this is like the the modern type of odyssey thingy i forgot the book name something like uclieus idk? and u guys slept at 2-3? dang pretty late man…

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