something different

This post will be a little different (as the title says). I just came back from a church retreat, “Where are you?” and I wanted to document my thoughts about it by listing my thoughts at various times throughout the retreat. I’ll make it as easy to follow as possible.

This was mildly inspired by “Ordeal by Cheque” by Wuther Crue. It can be found here.

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People tell me all the time that I’m a good writer. “You’re a good writer,” says a person telling me I’m a good writer. Then they go off on something specifically that I usually don’t agree with.

But here’s the problem: if I’m such a good writer, then why do I always have a problem with writing essays?

Don’t answer that. I already know the answer. I can write well about what I like to write about. But if it’s something that’s more than semi-complicated, I have a hard time explaining what I think. It ends up being close to gibberish.

And it sucks.