It’s my dad’s birthday today.
Happy birthday, dad.
We in America have so much crap. Even while we’re pointing out how much we take for granted, we overlook the simple things that not everybody has. That being companionship. A family. I was in Downtown Seattle this week and was less-than-surprised to see a few hobos laying around; however I had never thought much about them until I looked at one straight in the eyes. He wasn’t begging or anything, he was just sitting on what was probably the baby-changing station counter in the bathroom. He looked so lonesome. I thought about handing him some money, but the question of whether he actually was a hobo crossed my mind. After all, he wasn’t there the first time I was there (at least, I don’t think). I didn’t want to offend him. But all it took for me to realize all of this was one glance. For a fraction of a second, I felt pity. Then I felt guilt and shame.
Our families are what shape us. They’ll (almost) always be there for you. They are the best things ever.


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