they’re everywhere. penetrating your masks, seeing through your facades. Don’t think it’s not happening. We see pain. most of the time we can tell when you’re suffering. Stop lying to us and ask for help.

for some reason our society is based on people who don’t want to ask for help. Maybe it’s because people think they will be looked down upon when they admit that they need help or have an issue of some sort. But let me tell you. It doesn’t matter if you  look like you’re weak. You can bounce back stronger than ever before. But that’s only if you take the right steps and seek help if you need it.

This bleeds over to other parts of your life. people have superficial relationships. people who claim to be Christian are hypocritical. people do drugs. have sex. drink. smoke. all because they don’t admit that they have problems.

keep this up and you will die. your problems will only get worse. and then you’ll die.

But for the people who are not suffering from these problems, good job. I salute thee and thy efforts.


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