I wonder if the people who say are my friends are lying.

Sometimes I wonder if they’re just putting up with me rather than enjoying their time with me.

I mean, who would want to be friends with me? I’m just that Asian kid with that messed up skin.

But if that’s how these friends of mine act toward their other friends…

Then…. I don’t know.

It just feel like I’m unwanted a lot of the time.


7 thoughts on “sometimes.

  1. ya I feel like that sometimes too at my school, (but i dont have the messed up skin)
    and i think its hard to just let it pass… U are not the only one Jason!!

  2. at least you dont suffer from massivr acne attacks like me. im so insecure with my acne that i cant even b myself around ppl. but we have the same problem with friends, most if not all of them are simply “ppl that i talk to alot”.

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