How I wonder [who] you are.

My ride home from church today dropped me off at the end of my street today. It’s kind of hard to back out so I asked him to do that.

As I got my stuff and I shuffled toward my house, I happened to look up. I saw stars.

Stars. Up there in the great night sky, all so far away from each other. I tried to focus on them but there was a light on next to me and that clouded my vision.

And I wanted, for a second…

I wanted to get away. From society. From everything. I want to get away from the worries of school and the bullcrap of college.

I wanted to lay down on grass and just stare.

I just want to get away. Away from everything. I want it to be quiet. With me and nothing but my thoughts.

But, as we all know, that’s not possible unless I go somewhere remote like Sudan. But then I’ll die of thirst and there’s probably not much grass there.

Bah. Look at me trying to end a serious post with a joke. How silly of me.


3 thoughts on “How I wonder [who] you are.

  1. Bowron Lakes, Canada. 70 mile lake circuit. When you get to the far point before coming back there isnt an electric light in 30 miles. Its beautiful. My favorite place to date to get away from everything.

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