1st amdt. rights

I was thinking about curse words. I wasn’t thinking them–I was merely thinking about them. One thought came to me the most prominently, and is the only one I can remember now: who decides what is a curse and what is not?

Well, you can blame who you want. But I blame the government. Why?

The medium through which people learn the most curse words is through the media. The media sometimes contain swear words, and these words are then controlled and omitted by the FCC which is run by the government. Thus, the government controls what we label as “curse” words. Curse words are now, mostly, means of ridding ourselves of anger anyway. Come to think about it, they’re just separate words for sex and poop. Hah.

Yes; I thought these thoughts, then I realized that these ideas that I had, like all the others I’ve put down on my blog, are premature  and require more thought before anything can happen with it.

In other words, since a fully-developed idea is the most resilient parasite, all of my ideas are nothing.


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