Biking (mis?)adventures.

I’ve gone biking every day for the last three days and honestly it’s really different from jogging. I mean, you’re still going in one direction using your legs to propel you, but the atmosphere is totally different.

For example, since it’s harder to keep control of your bike and body than it is to control just your body, so you have to pay more attention to your surroundings. For this reason I’m afraid to listen to music while I bike. Most of the time when there are multiple cars on the streets, I can’t hear how many cars are behind me, if any.

Also, the way people react to you are really different. When you go out and jog/walk, the other people who are doing the same pass you, give you a friendly nod and at least say “hello” or “how do you do?” I’ve passed maybe 10 other bikers so far, and they’ve only glared at me. But that’s probably just because I ride on the sidewalk. Without a helmet.

Biking is fun. I think I’ll keep it up. Someone open up their home so I have a destination when I go out. T^T


One thought on “Biking (mis?)adventures.

  1. my home is open
    i just chainsawed off the front half and i’m burning it as i type this
    so it’s literally open =D

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