As many of you may or may not know, I gave up piracy on December 29th, 2009. It was a big step for me, and I really felt that God was pushing me to do it. So I did it.

Almost seven months have passed and I haven’t pirated a thing. I’m really proud of myself.

However,  recently I’ve been struggling with theft. The real-life kind. I haven’t stolen anything yet; but I have thought about it plenty a time.

I don’t know why, either. It usually just happens absent-mindedly and I catch myself.  All I know is that it’s getting more and more serious.

I think the last thing I seriously considered stealing was a video game. And that may have had something to do with the cold-turkey stopping of piracy.  Piracy still comes up in my mind too: every time I see a new game,  I consider going on tpb and grabbing myself a copy.

But I want to stop this before it gets out of hand. I don’t know how someone would help me stop. I barely know I’m doing it, myself. Someone has to help me help myself stop.

On another note, summer is going by too quickly.


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