CRY SOME ….moar?

Recently I had a few self-think sessions (I should do them more often). I realized that of all things, my greatest fear is of pain.

I am afraid of pain. Well, duh. Who isn’t, other than masochists? A few thoughts about pain crossed my mind as I was thinking. The most prominent one was this:

We don’t need pain.

Then I realized how wrong I was.

We can’t live without pain. Pain is what separates us animals from anything else. If you don’t have pain, you’re probably dead. And if you’re not dead, your nerves are dead. So you’re still partially dead.

Pain is what drives us. Pain and fear: two equally horrendous things driving our world into oblivion.

Pain turns boys into men.

speaking of turning boys into men:

War. Turns boys into men. Then kills most of them.



2 thoughts on “CRY SOME ….moar?

  1. Huh. All this time I thought for sure you were a masochist. you’re exactly the type…

    lol not that that’s any of my business.

  2. without pain we wouldn’t know if we got cut, or stabbed, or shot. we could bleed to death and not even know it.

    pain is weakness leaving the body

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