I got 13 views yesterday, which is pretty high considering the fact that I haven’t been updating for a few weeks. Sorry about not updating. My brain has been stagnant without school.

My friends and I talk and joke (a lot) about girls I may or may not like. So this question has been running through my head for the past few weeks:

What is love? [cue music]

Now that I’ve actually thought about it, I don’t think love exists. Not in its truest or purest forms, at least. Here’s how I break it down:

Step 1: Infatuation.

This is the step that all humans go through. It’s what we call “liking” someone. It hits many of us really really hard, but leaves others of us alone. It’s not necessary for us humans to go through this step, but it is when one person “loves” someone that they may want to date/marry etc.

Step 2: Caring.

This love is what God gives unconditionally. I had to spend a lot of time thinking about God’s love and I just came to the conclusion that he cares. Parents who have kids go past the first step and right to this one.

[insert big transitional word], love doesn’t really exist. Or maybe it does exist in both of those parts. Or maybe I’m missing something because I’m close-minded like a lot of you say I am and there really is such a thing called love and I don’t know what it is because I’m socially awkward and I make a lot of enemies wherever I go because I judge too much and say things I shouldn’t.


Maybe I’m just paranoid.

Either way, my mind is currently in shambles because I’m running on about four hours of sleep and it’s 1:30 in the morning and I don’t plan on sleeping for another two hours and that was the third “and” I’ve used in one sentence and my phone is really weird and I wish I could stop thinking for just two seconds so I knew what it would be like to be dead for a while.

Good morning to all.


3 thoughts on “Hey

  1. I think that love does exist but it’s not in the same “emotional” sort that we would normally think of. I agree with your Step 1. Infatuation begins it all, but the test of love is time. Love is the actions that entail the particular relationship you have. In other words, I highly doubt that an eighty-year-old feels [sexual] infatuation with his/her spouse as often as she/he did back when they first met, right? But I would say that their love is stronger; love endures because love is patience.

  2. You know, for once I’d like to see a blog where you’re not constantly apologizing for being tired or feeling stupid and whatnot.

    Get some sleep man.

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