I’m honestly like, so sad right now. The seniors are leaving! Wahhhh.

This year would have been terrible if not for the seniors. My classes would have been boring, and I wouldn’t have had anybody to look up to.

I’m so immature. I can’t go through any one situation without asking someone for guidance or help. And this year, it had been a certain few that I kept pestering with questions about things.

We’re going to be seniors next year! Ahh! Responsibility! Elder-ness! Maturity! Stuff I lack.


I’m dismayed to the point where I can think of no words (except “dismayed” ) to express my feeling at this moment.

I wish I could turn back the clock to October. and play over and over and over and over.

I’m scared for next year.


And to seniors of Russian IV: I will miss you the most. Alex and I will never forget the days we listen to the rest of you argue over petty things. It honestly makes my day sometimes.

Schools is going to be so empty next year.


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