Okay. I have to fume here for a second.

The first half of the year, I tried. I think. Well, I tried. Yeah. I ended up with pretty bad grades.

By mid-3rd quarter, I had an F in English. 36%. So I gave up.

Yeah. I gave up.

But by the end of the quarter I had a C in English. .1% away from a C+.

Now I have a high B. I still haven’t tried.

What the freak.

Oh yeah.

Our orchestra has one chair test before every concert where the teacher listens to us play excerpts from pieces we’re going to be performing.

For the second concert’s piece, I practiced every day, about an hour a day. After chair testing, I had found that I moved down a chair.

This concert’s piece, I probably practiced ten minutes total. I moved up six chairs.

Why didn’t I give up sooner?


One thought on “-____-

  1. because you held on to the hope that the world was just, that good was rewarded, and evil was punished, and that hard work would eventually bring success.

    how wrong you were.

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