I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my taste in girls.. and I’ve come to this conclusion:

I’m a very traditional Chinese guy. I like little things. Like feet. And people. But that doesn’t mean that I find tall people repulsive or anything. I just prefer littler people.

Now, one of the reasons I’m saying this is this: just because you’re shorter than others, or have a smaller butt (or no butt at all), doesn’t mean that nobody’s going to like you, okay? I can guarantee you that I’m not the only traditional Chinese person on the face of the earth. So stop destroying your bodies by trying to be like those people you see on the cover of Vogue magazine or whatever it’s called. Be yourself. That’s what we like to see.


This isn’t actually what I intended on writing in the first place, but I forgot what I was going to write and this thought popped up in my head. so.

Charles Darwin coined the term “natural selection” when he thought he discovered evolution. I’ve been juggling the term in my mind for a pretty long time, thinking, “what’s the opposite of natural selection?” and such. I came to the conclusion that the opposite of natural selection is artificial selection. But what does that mean? defines “artificial” as “made by human skill; produced by humans.”

Well, if we, as natural beings, hunted a species to extinction, wouldn’t that be natural selection? I mean. I’m all for saving certain species of animal, but isn’t that what they’re there for? We aren’t doing anything different with them than what other animals do to others. Like wolves and deer. Besides, there’s a 100% chance of that species dying out anyways.

Space is crazy big.


3 thoughts on “Introspection/Outrospection

  1. let’s be honest; beauty is totally subjective.

    like people say, “one man’s trash may be another man’s treasure,” it’s the same with girls (this is not to make girls sound like objects, i’m merely referring to the quote).

    like you said, girls shouldn’t try to be the same girl on a magazine.


    because they are beautiful to a certain someone in the world.
    and they just have to find out who it is.

  2. So how about we look at definitions then.
    Since natural selection is, well, natural. Then wouldn’t the opposite simply be “unnatural”? I know it seems insanely obvious, but it makes the most sense.
    To keep the definitions reliable, let’s take all of them from

    Definition 4 states that unnatural is defined as “lacking human qualities or sympathies”. However, definition 5 states that it is “not genuine or spontaneous; artificial or contrived”.
    So wait. If unnatural is “lacking human qualities” but it is also defined as “artificial”, then shouldn’t artificial mean “lacking human qualities” as well? Apparently not, since “artificial” is defined as “produced by humans”.

    Well we obviously can’t rely on those words for a proper definition. So let’s try Let’s use the synonyms and antonyms for the word natural that is defined as being “organic, unrefined”. That seems quite appropriate for the term natural selection.
    The antonyms are as follows “artificial (can’t use that), fixed, modified, refined, unnatural (can’t use that one either)”.

    So we have it narrowed down to either “fixed selection”, “modified selection” or “refined selection”.
    We might be able to use fixed, since that means “steadily directed”. No problems there. No more words that need to be defined in any of the seven applicable definitions (2-8).
    What about modified? Yep, that could definitely work seeing as it’s defined as “alter partially” and alter means “to change”. No clarification needed there
    Next up is refined selection. “Freed from impurities”. That one would most likely not work since natural selection refines the species’ anyways…

    So in the end, take your pick between “fixed selection” and “modified selection”.
    Either that, or learn your lesson that definitions are usually not befitting of ones’ perspective.
    Just don’t use artificial. It sounds like it would work perfectly, but so does communism before you realize that humans are lazy, selfish, and greedy.

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